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Welcome and thank you for visiting Davaahs Custom Canvas. All of our canvases are made to order and can be personalized. If you have something specific in mind and can’t find it here then let’s create it! It’s a simple process to reach out and give us direction for your special canvas.

Each piece is handcrafted from start to finish at our warehouse location. We use quality equipment, inks and make everything in house. This means we truly embody the American spirit and proudly declare that we are MADE IN THE USA!

From a 99 cent investment, Davaahs was created by a stay at home mom, in her attic with an idea and a dream! What started as a way of making extra diaper money has become a flourishing business. The name, sometimes sparking questions about its pronunciation, was the owner and founder’s daughter’s very first nickname. How fitting!

In addition to the woman who got this whole thing started, Davaahs employs two other extraordinary women! Each with their own unique strengths, these three always pride themselves in their work. It is our pleasure designing, creating and bringing new ideas to the table for all of you.

Here at Davaahs, our motto is to be persistent, never give up and hustle hard! In doing so, we have built a business that continues to flourish. Thank you for checking out our page!! Browse our inventory for stock images, personalized designs or reach out for a custom order.

We go to great lengths to make sure you are happy with our work. Handcrafting each canvas creates a unique piece. Not mass produced, yet very consistent. We love creating and growing our collection and look forward to bringing to life your next wall decor adventure!

Thank you,

The Davaahs Team

Our Story

In 2014 our CHO (Chief Hustle Officer) and Founder Jeannie decided to make a canvas as a DYI way of trying something new. That first canvas, well practice makes perfect, right? Jeannie’s attic can attest to that as it quickly found itself transformed into her original canvas workshop as she refined her newly found craft. Soon she had enough trial and error and was ready to start making canvases for friends and family with a thought of taking it to the small business show.

One thing was missing though…. a name. Jeannie turned to her young daughter who was just learning to say her own name and asked her what they should call it. Ava (Lil’ Lady Hustle) responded by saying her own version of her name and Davaahs was given life that day. But that’s not all, another unintended and wonderful situation arose. This mother had created a way of building something together with her daughter that was uniquely theirs. Not just by the name, but the opportunities to show her daughter than women could run a business, guide a family both at home and financially, and to build something with her hands that is only limited by her imagination. Sound pretty bad-ass? Yeah, we think so too!

Hundreds of thousands of canvases later, the addition of the greatest staff around and a move to a reclaimed factory in the small town of Honesdale, PA and this one-time DYI project has turned into a force bringing you something that is 100% American made by hand and with the utmost attention to detail.